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Welcome to the Viewability Academy. Our academy is set up on a monthly subscription giving you access to insider knowledge to the world of Youtube advertising

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We walk through the process of setting up your YouTube channel, uploading your video, getting it all connected, and building your ad campaigns in the most efficient way possible.

Plan to spend a full day to go through this course. By the end of the day you'll have your video ads live and running on YouTube, driving traffic, leads and sales.

In this course, you’ll master the three strategies that have halved advertising costs for our clients because we target the most engaged and interested viewers, whilst excluding the ‘tyre-kickers’ and ‘time-wasters’. And as we know from our agency experience, these strategies work no matter the business, industry, or niche you’re in.



In this 75-min YouTube Ads Masterclass keynote, I speak in front of 600 entrepreneurs, teaching them what works when it comes to advertising on YouTube. I cover case studies, walkthroughs, best strategies and proven split tests. You'll learn how to find your audience, get in front of them, show them an ad that will sell your products and basically how to turn $1 into $2 and keep scaling.

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As an Academy member we have a wide range of tools available to you. This includes our Placement Tool allowing customers to quickly build up lists of relevant Youtube videos in their industry. 

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