How To Find People That Want What You've Got

gone in 6 seconds May 11, 2018

It’s amazing what you can learn from the simple movement of a mouse.

By looking at how the cursor moves, where it pauses and how it scrolls, we can tell what visitors feel about the page they’re on - and that’s just the first layer.

When you add location, operating system and how they were referred to your site, you can build a pretty detailed picture.

Even anonymous users help - you can build a database of behaviour profiles and see what site changes produce better results.

With account users, you can see intent in real time. This can come from search, through an app or by monitoring social media mentions.

Tracking intent can do more than give you powerful ad targeting. It can also show you the results of a wider ad campaign.

Brandwatch tracked a range of H&M campaigns and found that although their David Beckham campaign was mentioned more, Beyonce was linked with much higher purchase intent.

If you like it, you should track intent to put a ring on it.


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Hear Me Now (& Convert)

gone in 6 seconds May 09, 2018

On many sites, especially Facebook, videos often play without audio. We’re used to just seeing subtitles and watching on mute.

So the question today is; how much does audio matter?

On YouTube, almost all ads are experienced with full viewability and full sound. On Facebook, the opposite is true since the big majority are auto-played on mute. But there’s no doubt a lot is lost without the sound.

Firstly, music is an incredible shortcut for mood - just a few bars of a song are enough to provide the emotional tone you want to set.

Sound isn’t just music though.. For many years, Honda advertising was powered by noises, like their “Hands” ad from 2013, or the classic “Choir” one from 2006. Familiar sounds have also been shown to increase attention.

Audio is a vital part of an ad, especially when it comes to adding an emotional hook.

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YouTube Ads Need To Engage, Not Annoy

gone in 6 seconds May 08, 2018

The average US Adult consumes over 10 hours of media per day with around half of that being video.

This gives video advertisers an amazing audience but you need to make sure you engage, not annoy.

Frequency caps are vital for a good campaign - you want to get your message out there without bombarding everyone.

For CPM campaigns, this means that you need to be conservative with your limit. Most people will have a maximum of 3 impressions, per user, per day. As a general rule of thumb, the majority of your conversions will come within those 3 views, or not at all. This means that generally, you’re better off spending money on more reach for those 3 rather than raising the the frequency cap.

For CPC campaigns, you still want a cap. If users see your ad too much, you might not waste money but you will lose engagement. Of course, you will need to balance this out with your cost per view to fit your budget.

And the best way to find out what works is just by testing!

Have you...

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Will Driverless Cars Create A New Ad Space?

gone in 6 seconds Apr 27, 2018

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, they discussed the future of driverless cars.

So we’re going to think about what this new transport could mean for advertising.

With full driver-less technology in most cars, there will be a lot more space inside thanks to electric motors and no manual steering.

This extra space will probably mean large screens come as standard in all vehicles and attention will be kept within the car much more. This isn’t just for the driver but passengers too.

As a result, we expect we’ll see a massive boom in video audiences. The average commute time in the US is about 50 minutes so when you combine this with hours of holiday trips and weekend adventures, you can easily see how this will add up.

What’s more, billboards will likely lose their impact as traffic flows smoothly. Radio will likely take a big hit too as the car will become more like a living room.

There’s only one direction ads spend will go, and that is video.

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Can Computers Make You Say Anything?

gone in 6 seconds Apr 26, 2018

Fake News. It’s probably the defining phrase of 2017.

But what about false video? The technology exists to really create completely false video.

We already have systems that can capture one person speaking and match their mouth movements to a separate video. And now a new software has been released (called VoCo) that can build an exact speech profile. With just 40 minutes of speech, it captures every sound it needs so that anyone can then edit the audio simply by typing.

Think about how these could be combined for advertising - you could create hundreds or thousands of variations of a video, without a single re-shoot! 

This means a real possibility of personalised video content with slight variations for every stage of intent.

You could have the same actor speak in multiple languages so an ad could go completely global.

You could try and test each video, improving it over and over, until you found the best possible content.

This is a few years away but the technology...

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YouTube's TrueView Ads - The Benefits

gone in 6 seconds Apr 25, 2018

Creating a successful TrueView ad on YouTube is a two step process.

In the first part, you want to catch people’s attention and bring in your brand, whether that’s obviously or subtly. This means that at least you’ve had a small moment of visibility for anyone who skips your ad.

The second step of the process is building a deeper understanding of your brand for all those who don't press 'Skip Ad' and continue to watch it.

By playing your branding subtly at the intro, you can focus on bigger ideas and stronger emotional themes (and move away from the feeling of it being an ad) to stop viewers from skipping.

Bumper ads are great for recall and brand awareness whereas TrueView ads build conversations and allows for bigger concepts. 

With bumper ads, they either work or they don’t whereas with TrueView ads, you can use the data on skipping to find out what creative approaches work. Analyzing and testing can lead to much more successful campaigns 


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Trial & Error is Everything In Advertising

gone in 6 seconds Apr 24, 2018

Trial and error, Trial and error, Trial and error.

Often we are scared to put anything out that isn’t perfect. Brands worry that they are judged by every single piece of media but data is invaluable.

If you need to make a choice in an ad such as:

“Should we cut this line?”

“Does this call to action work?”

“Is this music the right fit?”

Don't guess - find out!

If you don’t have the budget to have many version of a video ad, there are still plenty of other areas you can play with such as frequency caps, how much you bid on CPMs or CPC, the range of your audience and the time of day. 

There are a lot of variables when advertising so running a few tests will really help you get the best result for your investment.

And remember; you're only as good as the data you have so tools like google analytics will really help.

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Getting Viewers To Interact Is Key For Your Brand

gone in 6 seconds Apr 23, 2018

The Super Bowl is probably one of the few times when the general public get actually excited about advertising.

Over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl in 2017, and a 30 second ad spot would have cost you an astonishing $5 million.

So, what kind of return on investment will you get for this huge cost?

Companies want something called “brand lift” (an increased interaction with the brand) rather than a direct line of ads to sales. 

The aim here is that after watching the ad people are more aware of the brand, have a better attitude to it and recall it more easily.

In 2017, Budweiser mixed national pride with the spirit of inclusion, showing a German settler coming to America in the 1850s to found Anheuser-Busch.

Their little brother, Bud Lite, took the more typical route of wacky comedy. They showed a floating ghost dog in a parody of A Christmas Carol. It was a clear push for interaction from the youth market but the dog, Spuds MacKenzie, was also an icon of...

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How To Find Your Audience?

gone in 6 seconds Apr 20, 2018

Let’s start with a popular question; “What is bitcoin?”

This video isn’t about the answer, it’s about HOW to answer.

The most important factor when explaining a complex idea, especially technology, is to ask “who is my audience?

You’re not going to give the same answer on a lunch time chat show as you are on an industry tech blog.

On the chat show, if you start talking about block chaining and public keys, you’ll lose the audience in a heartbeat.

But if you omit block chaining and public keys on the tech blog, your audience will think you have no idea what you’re talking about.

A detailed answer is not better than a simple answer. You need the right explanation for the right audience.

So, start from the bottom and work up. Make sure you can explain the whole product in one sentence that everyone can understand and remember.

Apple are the masters of this. You add layers of detail as you need it but that one sentence is often...

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Should Your Videos Be Horizontal or Vertical?

gone in 6 seconds Apr 19, 2018

There’s an interesting problem growing for video ads right now; orientation.

YouTube has taken a big step to dynamically adapt video to however you hold your phone. About 94% of our mobile experience is vertical so more and more videos are being seen this way.

Given ads are always most effective when they fill the screen perfectly, what does this mean for a campaign? It’s a challenge, that’s for sure.

Do you shoot in horizontal and then edit for vertical? Or do you have to shoot on separate cameras?

There’s no easy answers. But mobile advances incredibly quickly and we hope that within the next few months, solutions will appear.

Interestingly, when Snapchat introduced vertical ads, they reported a 9 times higher completion rate.

So, it’s worth all of us thinking about how to tackle this..

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